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Mikhail Shapoval

WGA: 2013528
A doctor must stop a dangerous alien epidemy.
A lame girl, an unhappy doctor, a poor orderly and forty crazy patients are in a mental clinic in the countryside.
A fallen meteorite gives all of them a chance for a new life. 
It has only two small shortcomings: the stone infects people and then they begin to feel a very strong hunger.
1967. GORDON, 35, doctor, works in a mental clinic in a countryside.

JOHN is an assistant in the clinic. A meteorite kills a John’s cow. The cow returns to life and gorges John’s dog. Hunter LEO helps John to kill the crazy cow.

John gives the meteorite to Gordon for research. Gordon finds that the colony of bacteria in the stone can recover the damaged parts of the body, but a patient during the process feels the hunger.

NICK, son of a rich man, lives in a clinic after a big accident. His head is hurt very badly. Christian hopes that his son will return to his usual life and supports Gordon’s experiments.

Gordon takes a test on a wolf. The wolf runs out of the clinic.
Gordon, Leo and local people find the wolf and kill it.

LIZA, 17, lame, nurse, daughter of chief of the clinic SAMANTHA, wants to get medical help as soon as possible.

Liza infects Nick and some patients of the clinic with the bacteria. She hopes that her act increases the pace of the doctor’s searching.
Feeling the hunger, the patients begin to attack the medical personal.

Nick, after the contamination, returns to his healthy state and becomes the leader of the infected patients. The patients want to kill assistant John first, because he was severe with them.

Nick bites off Liza’s arm. She runs out and infects herself hoping to get new limb. Gordon cares of her, gives her food and gets her hunger under control.

Samantha calls the police. When the officers come in, Gordon, Leo and John have killed many patients. They decide not to speak the police about their problem. Gordon calls Leo for help.

Nick steals the meteorite. He infects a part of the mentally ill people increasing his army. His fellow-fighters cut off the connection and isolate the clinic.

Gordon, Leo, John and Liza understand that they can’t allow Nick to spread such a dangerous infection and prepare to fight. They pick up the health patients and guard them in the kitchen of the clinic.

Nick and other infected people attack a barricade in the kitchen hoping to reach the healthy patients and gorge them.

The heroes stop two attacks, but many of them die.
During the fight Nick breaks the wall with a car and comes into the room with healthy patients.
Liza and Gordon fight with Nick for uninfected people. Gordon gets a large wound.

Liza and the healthy patients strongly injure Nick. She doesn’t kill him. She infects Gordon and he stays with Nick face to face.
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