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Mikhail Shapoval

Trevor McCabe
WGA: 1937562
Police unjustly accuse a veteran of murdering a kid and force him to use his military experience against them.
When a daemon is destroying your mind.  When you can’t find peace in your life after war.  When thugs take you hostage.  When the police frame you.  You have no choice.  You’ll erase everything around you and annihilate your daemon.
SHELL, 40, local police chief, dreams of becoming the mayor of the small town.  He orchestrates an election meeting.

LINDA BIRD, 30, detective, goes to her car after Shell’s event.  TOM MOON, 35, veteran, accidentally strikes her car.  Tom tries to seduce Linda, but she refuses him.

Tom goes to a mall and meets teenager ZACK.  The teen films everything around him with his camera.

ROBBERS break into a jewelry shop.  While fleeing the police, they take hostages in the mall, including Tom and Zack.

A special group of local police assault the mall.  The police don’t wait for the FBI special forces, because Shell wants to raise his standing before the election by rescuing the hostages. 

During the assault, a policeman kills Zack.
Trying to cover up the terrible consequences of the operation, Shell flagrantly accuses Tom of Zack’s death and of assisting the thugs.  He uses Linda for the accusation, and Linda thinks that Tom is the real killer.

Tom is beaten during an interrogation.  He flashes back to the battle in an army depot where his friend PIERCE was killed.  At the end of the fight sergeant MCGREGOR and captain FISHER rescue Tom.

Under pressure, Tom goes crazy, takes Linda as a hostage and returns to the mall.  He finds Zack’s camera, but the recording doesn’t prove his innocence.

Tom lets Linda go.  She begins to believe that Tom is not a thug.

Shell orders the Special group to kill Tom. 

Linda seeks to prevent Tom’s death, but she can’t do anything about it.

Tom kills the entire special group of the local police.

FBI AGENTS and a PLATOON OF SPECIAL FORCES arrive to the mall.  They deliver McGregor and Fisher for negotiations.
The talks turn out useless.

Before the second assault, Tom tries to kill himself.  Pierce’s ghost comes to Tom and prevents it.

McGregor sides with Tom and helps him prepare his defense.
The platoon together with hurt Shell storm the building.
McGregor and Pierce’s ghost help Tom to fight.

McGregor is killed.

Tom kills Shell and more members of the platoon using improvised weapons and his skills.

After the battle, Tom sees living McGregor and realizes that he destroyed almost the whole platoon alone, under stress thinking that he has support.

Captain Fisher takes Tom away while he is still alive.

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