Redemption - Shapoval-writer

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Mikhail Shapoval

Eva Sigala

WGA: 1979166
A trader must find money for the redemption of his girlfriend.
In the past he didn’t have the chance to be with his love. 
In the present he builds his career with risk and suffers setbacks. 
He asks his former love to help him.  She helps, but their efforts are useless. 
His rich and powerful rival wants to own his woman. 
He must find a tremendous amount of money in a short term to solve their private and business issues.
2005.  Biggest private investment fund of prince Olaf had lost a part of its investments after the falling of the dollar.
OLAF feeds one manager to a killer whale in front of other clerks.

Young scientist LAWRENCE works for Danish king PAUL. Paul and Lawrence love a sport shooting.
PAUL has a daughter, princess AMELIA. 

Lawrence and Amelia have a short affair and then part.
2011.  Lawrence works for manager GORDON in the wealth management firm “Q-One” in New-York.  He must find fifty million dollars for solving his problem.
Lawrence tries to attract money, but his ambitious colleague CRISTIAN gets the success.

Lawrence invites Amelia to participate in the party.  She flies to him from Europe and helps him attract money.

6th of September 2011 Switzerland’s Government unties Swiss franc from Euro.  Swiss franc falls 10% during some hours in the early morning.  Lawrence loses the wealth almost completely.

Manager Gordon falls on the ground near Lawrence’s feet.
Majority shareholder ROBERT tells Lawrence that the “Q-One” copied Lawrence’s deals and in result lost 150 billion dollars!!!  Robert accuses Lawrence for the loss and demands him to decide how to return the money. 

Pamela finds Lawrence a hacker, her sister JESSICA. Using Jessica’s help Lawrence gets information that his computer was not only scanned by Gordon, but Cristian downloaded his deals. 

Jessica hacks Cristian’s phone.  She finds frequent calls to one number in Switzerland.

2005. Paul invited titled and powerful young people to take part in a competition where the main prize was a party with Amelia. 
Olaf asks Lawrence to take his place and to run to Amelia’s window in his clothes.  Thanks to Lawrence knowing Paul’s manner of shooting, he reaches Amelia.  Amelia stays with Lawrence, but not with Olaf.

2011.  Lawrence rents a house in a country side. He tries to find the solution to his problem.
Paul gets a wedding offer from Olaf.  Olaf is ready to give ten billion for Amelia.  Paul agrees.
Lawrence understands that Olaf was on other side of the deal, when the fund lost the money.
Amelia and Lawrence have only three months for ruining Olaf’s plan.

The Swiss number from Cristian’s phone leads Amelia to Swiss broker PHILIP. She presses on him and offers him to fulfill some assignments for her.
Lawrence begins a new project hedge-fund “Arbiter”.  He invites the press and organizes a presentation.

Amelia meets with Olaf.  He tells her how he smartly destroyed “Q-One”.  She shows him the presentation of Lawrence’s new fund and tells him that Lawrence is going to prepare the IPO in the future.

Amelia signs a wedding agreement after the transfer of 10 billion from Olaf, but then she convinces Paul to transfer this money to Lawrence’s fund.
Lawrence meets with financial sharks and convinces them to start futures and options contracts on Olaf’s fund after the IPO as soon as possible.
Lawrence buys options Put on futures of the fund.

During Amelia and Olaf’s wedding ceremony, Lawrence sells the shares of Olaf’s fund.  Broker Philip helps him.  Then Lawrence sells the options Put with big profit.  He returns the money to Olaf for the wedding agreement and joins with Amelia.
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