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You can see many Russian books on this page. 
I have written narratives and novels at different times under different pen names.
1997. Genre: non-fiction. I wrote one chapter about service in the army. The book is a small encyclopedia for young people. I remember that I wrote it by hand.
1997. Genre: crime, detective. My first solo book was published in 1998. I don’t remember my feelings clearly, but they were positive. I bought a used computer.
1998. Genre: crime, detective. The second book in the same series. Here I recognized that I must plan my work.
1998. Genre: crime, detective. The third book came out easily. I don’t remember having any trouble.
1999. Genre: detective, drama, erotic. The quality of my work was above average, and I was given a new series. Here I created the main protagonist from scratch.
1999. Genre: detective, drama, erotic. It sold well, and the books were published both in hard and soft binding.
1999. Genre: detective, drama, erotic. I think here I squeezed myself dry. I don't know how much my suffering influenced the quality, but the editors of the publishing house took my books without rework.
2000. Genre: detective, drama, erotic. If I told my fee, then I'd become very sad, but every month I took twice the average salary of a school teacher at that time.
2000. Genre: crime-detective. This is a clean example of literature work. Here I worked using a strange synopsis. Nasty.
2000. Genre: detective. This was more interesting. I had adapted to the book with an unfamiliar style, but this is not for me.
2001. Genre: detective, drama, erotic. This was the last book in the series. I never worked on it again.
2003. Genre: comedy, army. In this situation, my experience in the army was very useful. The editors included some vulgar anecdotes, but in general, the project was interesting for me.
2003. Genre: comedy, army. I invented new heroes and the main story. Cool.
2004. Genre: comedy, army. I worked fast and produced a large volume of text.
2004. Genre: comedy-army. I would have written six books, but the last two were written by other men who used my synopses.
2011. Genre: action. I had written a couple screenplays and one epic poem, but at this moment three things were still on the table. I connected with a publishing house and made some books.
2013. Genre: action. After a long pause, I wrote very easily and I was motivated. Money flowed from my pockets.
2015. Genre: action. I was writing at my old level again, but I had to go to work every day. How can I find time for creativity?
2017. Genre: science-fiction. I made it for myself. I was captivated by this story. And the book was published. It's good.
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