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My name is Mikhail Shapoval.  
Now, in 2020, Im 46 years old.  
I have been working as a writer for 25 years.
I sold 19 of my books with total print runs of about 500,000 copies.
Let me introduce my screenplays SYMBIOSISREDEMPTION and STILL ALIVE.

I write constantly.
I always have new ideas,
and I'm ready to discuss them with you.
Feel free to contact me any time.
Sincerely,  Mikhail.
1991-1995. I attended University. 
My specialty was physical engineering of semiconductors. 
1997. Pedagogy - second category.
2000. Electrical engineering - third category.
2009. Oratory Courses.
2015. English Courses.
Russian – native. 
English – I can read, write and keep up in conversation.
These authors had the biggest influence on my creativity: 
A.Tolstoy, L.Tolstoy, A.Pushkin, I.Turgenev, N.Gogol, I.Bunin, A.Beliaev,
J.Verne, T.Draiser, A.Azimov, R.Heinlain, H.Harrison, T.Clancy. 
and, of course,  Emmanuelle Arsan (Marayat Bibidh) :)

I don't smoke... now.
I like jogging... now.
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